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Developing Innovations with Durum: More than Just Pasta

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Developing Innovations with Durum: More than Just Pasta

Course Details:

Location: On Demand - At your own pace
Number of Modules: 3 Modules with 2-4 Lectures Per Module
Time Commitment: 1-2 Hours Per Module; 4-5 Hours Total
Registration Fee: $250.00

Course Overview:

Expand your knowledge of durum with NCI’s “Developing Innovations with Durum” course. This course provides participants with the knowledge on how durum can be beneficial in other facets than just pasta. Developing Innovations with Durum will touch on many unique traits of durum, nutrition components, an overview on procession, as well as sourcing the material.

Participants of the course will enjoy lectures from milling experts, understand how to utilize this product, and will know exactly where they can buy durum flour for cooking and baking. Participants will be able to take their time on the material and work at their own pace.


  • Have a basic understanding of durum
  • Make educated decisions regarding the use of durum in food processing
  • Learn the benefits of using different grades of durum.
  • Understand how the nutritional factors that durum can add to your diet
  • Know where to source durum flour

Major Topics:

  • Basics and Benefits of Durum
    • Overview of Durum: Durum Properties
    • Overview of Durum: Durum Classes & Quality
    • Durum Wheat Breeding
  • Durum Milling & Processing
    • Let’s Talk Stone Milling
    • Baking and Cooking with Durum
  • Durum Sources and Resources
    • Product Development with Durum
    • Sourcing Durum

Who Should Attend?

This course is beneficial for major food corporations and manufacturers as they will be able to understand how this ingredient can be beneficial to include in their products; bakeries, as they will understand how this ingredient can give their baked good a boost in color and flavor; and artisan bakers who will understand how this ingredient can give them an edge and separate them from the competition.

This course is also beneficial for millers, wheat breeders and farmers.

How Do I Register?

This course will be offered online only. You are able to work at your own pace throughout the course.

Registration Fee: $250.00

Click on the “Enroll” button to pay by credit card. During the checkout process you will be asked to create a new NCI learner account or login to an existing account if you've taken one of our online courses before. After registration is complete you will recieve an email with instructions to access to your online training via the NCI learning platform. Within the online learning platform you can access all course modules.

Included in the registration fee are course materials, access to online lectures and much more!

Cancellation Policies:

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Price: $250.00

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