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High Oleic Soyfoods

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High Oleic Soyfoods

Course Details:

Course Start Date: January 15, 2024
Location: On Demand - At your own pace
Number of Modules: 5 Modules with 4-5 Lectures Per Module
Time Commitment: 1.5-2 Hours Per Module; Approx. 10 Hours Total
Registration Fee: $250.00

Please note that registration is currently open for this course, however, course modules will begin on Monday, January 15th, 2024.

Course Overview:

This on-demand course introduces participants to high oleic soybeans and their use in soyfood products. This course will cover topics on the differences between regular soybeans and high oleic soybeans and the impact of using high oleic soybeans on the processing and final product quality of foods made with this new type of soybeans. There are also lectures on the breeding and availability of high oleic soybeans, as well as the many foods that utilize soybeans and the nutritional quality of soybeans in human health.

 Participants are able to work at their own pace until completion. This course is conducted using pre-recorded lectures and demonstrations. A discussion board is available to allow participants to anonymously ask questions, which will be answered by one of the lecturers of the course and posted on the discussion board, so all participants can learn from the questions offered by those taking this course.


  • Differentiate between nutritional differences in high oleic soy foods and traditional foods.
  • Identify the differences in the composition and the fatty acid profile.
  • Analyze how high oleic soybeans affect food production processes.
  • Assess the characteristics of the final product.
  • Identify all the different paths to procure the product.
  • Recognize that there are still a lot of questions out there regarding high oleic soy foods.

Major Topics:

  1. Introduction to soy foods
  2. Nutritional value of high oleic soy bean
  3. Current knowledge of high oleic soy products
  4. Future possibilities and opportunities
  5. Process to procure high oleic soy bean

Who Should Attend:

This course will benefit soy food companies, food R&D staff, dieticians, nutritionists and more!

How Do I Register?

This course will be offered online only. Space will fill up quick, so we encourage you to enroll early!

Registration Fee: $250.00

Cancellation Policies:

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Price: $250.00

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